GRADE and process help

Built in support and guidance

Integrated handbooks and FAQs

All researchers in MAGIC are practicing physicians and devoted to evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology. We are also members of the GRADE working group and know from first hand experience that writing a guideline is a complex task filled with hard work, and many struggle with the methodology and the processes around. We have built in links to several handbooks and support sites. We are also working on a system where organizations can link to their own handbooks and guiding material.

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MAGIC help and feedback site: We recommend you make use of the MAGICapp knowledge base: where there are articles addressing various aspects of development of guidelines and evidence summaries. You can contact support through the knowledge base in addition to finding FAQs, giving feedback and adding suggestions.

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Guiding layout

We have packed MAGICapp with features to guide you through the process of writing and publishing a guideline. The platform allows guideline developers to write and publish their guidelines and evidence summaries in a highly structured fashion, using the GRADE methodology, with new technology and a host of recent developed frameworks.

We have designed the user interface to allow a stepwise approach, but we have kept in mind that most guideline work is a lot of back and forward, so we do not lock you into a set pattern.

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Step-by-step Checklist

In each guideline settings you will find a checklist. It is an optional tool to help you plan and track the guideline process. Its steps follows the Standards for Trustworthy guidelines IOM 2011, the suggested standards from GIN (Guideline International Network), AGREE II requirements, the steps used in SNAP-IT, and cover some of the main parts of the comprehensive guideline checklist developed by McMaster CE&B GRADE.

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