No install, ready to use

Fully serviced platform

Fully serviced platform, no need for install

MAGICapp is a web based collaborative tool that does not require any software installation and allows publication on all devices.

When your content is ready for publishing you can publish it on our platform, taking advantage of our multilayered user interface, mobile applications, internal search and link-out features.  When published, the content will be available for users on all platforms and devices.

Content can also be exported as pdf or JSON for the circumstances where you will need that.


All users gets all updates

All users get the latest version, automatically through the web interface. That takes away problems related to different versions and compatibility.


You own your own data

The content you produce on it is of course yours, we merely provide you with the platform on which to author and publish it. We would of course be very happy if you decide to share your content with others, so it can be reused for adaptation or to improve the common knowledge repositories of the world, but that decision is totally up to you


How can I start to use MAGICapp?

You can view public guidelines without logging in. If signed up however, you get access to more features and services. Signing up is totally free. When signed up you can create and published evidence summaries. You can also create guidelines in order to explore, teach or learn – but only organizations can publish guidelines.

For your organization to start to develop and publish guidelines you currently need to contact us to set up an Administration account, but we are working towards an automatic sign-up system for developers to ease this process.

How can I collaborate or integrate with MAGICapp?

As improving guideline dissemination is our utmost goal we would be thrilled to befriend, help, integrate with and collaborate with any research group, projects or tool-developers sharing our interests. Do not hesitate to contact us.