Improving patient care through a trusted evidence ecosystem

MAGIC is a non-profit foundation, our goal is to increase value and reduce waste in healthcare through a digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem. MAGICapp is our core platform in the evidence ecosystem bringing digitally structured guidelines, recommendations and decision aids to patients and clinicians.

A new approach to producing and disseminating guidelines

MAGICapp is a tool that helps users and organizations to author and publish digitally structured Clinical Practice Guidelines based on high-quality evidence, enabling clinicians and patients to make well-informed healthcare decisions at the point of care.

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BMJ Rapid Recommendations for practice-changing evidence

A collaborative network of clinicians, patients, researchers and methodologists working together, through an innovative and rapid approach, using infographics to disseminate guidance about treatment interventions.

Enhancing shared-decision making in the clinical encounter

Decision Aids in a user-friendly and interactive format, to facilitate conversations between clinicians and patients about the benefits and harms of treatment interventions, by focusing on patient values and preferences.


Author and Publish

  • Collaborative environment
  • Reference and content management
  • Online access with version history

Multilayered Presentation

  • User decides level of detail
  • Most useful information on top
  • Easy navigation and overview

Structured Data

  • Easy EHR integration
  • Open API, integrate with any system
  • Use your choice of terminologies

No Install, Ready to Use

  • Fully serviced platform
  • All users get all updates
  • You own your data

Decision Aids

  • Discussion tool for clinicians and patients
  • Graphic presentation of evidence
  • Automatically generated

Mobile Applications

  • Adapts to different screensizes
  • Offline and online
  • Works for all devices

White Label – 11 Languages

  • Organizations get own site
  • Brand with your own logo and name
  • Choose: En, Es, Fr, De, Ar, Dk,No, Fi, Se, Nl, Pt

GRADE and Process Help

  • Integrated handbooks and FAQs
  • Guiding layout
  • Step-by-step checklist