MAGIC is a research and innovation programme and non-profit initiative within the health sector, working to improve the creation, dissemination and dynamic updating of clinical practice guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids.
MAGIC has been realised using GRADE methodology and through international collaboration, combined with the latest web technology, intuitive design and emphasis on open and linked digitally structured data.

MAGIC objectives: 
To develop a conceptual framework, methodology and technology for GRADE guidelines to allow efficient authoring, optimal presentation, customized processes for adaptation and dynamic updating, and tools for shared decision making. We perform research, and create frameworks and software for others to use.

MAGIC is a non-profit organization:
MAGIC as research project was conceived in 2009, by Per Vandvik, Linn Brandt and Gordon Guyatt, but has grown considerably in scope since then.
In order to develop formal collaboration with organizations who wish to collaborate with us and use the tools we develop for their own purposes, we have established MAGIC as a non-profit organization.
MAGIC organization was established as an Norwegian independent non-profit organization (ideell forening) registered in the national business and organization registry in Norway, in 2013.
MAGIC has the Organization number: 911 647 834
Link to the official registry site: https://w2.brreg.no/enhet/sok/detalj.jsp?orgnr=911647834
All MAGIC intellectual property and software is owned by the MAGIC non-profit Organization.

The current members of the MAGIC organization board is: 
Per Olav Vandvik (head of the board)
Linn Brandt
Gordon Henry Guyatt
Thomas Agoritsas

The overall goals of the MAGIC organization as stated in the official registry (in Norwegian, here translated into English)
Better diagnostics and treatment of patients in all countries by offering healthcare professionals access to reliable guidelines developed with the GRADE system.
The MAGIC Association will:

  1. Offer guideline organizations digital tools (internet services with authoring tools and publishing platform application) so that they can develop, adapt, publish and update reliable guidelines based on the GRADE system.
  2. Provide operations, maintenance and further development of the online services for guideline organizations that formally collaborate in accordance with the articles of our statues and license agreements.
  3. Provide our tools and services to guideline organizations worldwide through international cooperation, thus pursuing activities beyond Norway’s borders.
  4.  Help to make data, source codes and data models accessible for use in research and further development of tools that can benefit guideline organizations.
  5. Help harmonize the standardization of guideline content, representation and presentation at a global level.

The MAGIC team: 
We are all Physicians and /or methodologist by training, but for the tool development we have designers and application developers as part of the team.

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